Saturday, March 07, 2009

Birthday snapshot

Birthday dress, courtesy of Mom and Dad, rumpled from the party (but rest assured, I did iron it. Five times.)

All the rest of the pictures are on someone else's camera, so I have to wait until she makes me a cd...

But it was a good night. Except for the heels, which I had to step out of before the end of the night. And I spent most of the time sitting down! But, that tiny detail aside, it was fantastic to spend time with friends and celebrate. Thanks, all!


Ellen said...

that dress IS adorable!!! definitely the one you should wear to the wedding!

Michael said...

Hi Jenna,
The dress looks great!
I have a question for you... my girlfriend and I are coming down to Brazil from June to August. I have an internship but she was wondering how easy it would be to get a job at an ex-pat bar or something. We have the choice of going to Sao Paulo or Rio. Which one would be better for 10 weeks? Could you email me? My email is michael dot sander at gmail dot com.