Thursday, June 11, 2009

Haiti: Packing Lists and Nerves

Sibling number 3 is getting married this weekend! In Haiti. Long story...but it's kind of a mini family reunion as well, with my sisters and family getting together from around the globe: Switzerland, Indiana, Tennessee, Brazil, Canada. As I have to spend a lot of time in airports (no direct flights from Rio-Port-Au-Prince), I'm trying to pack light: my single bag is carrying the absolute minimum, with bridesmaid dress possibilities and my travel toiletries bag making such deft use of space that perhaps I could have been an engineer after all. I hope none of the airport officials ask me to open the plastic baggie, though, as chaos will ensue. It took me 10 minutes and the help of a syringe to fill some of the bottles, but everything in there is 3 oz/100 ml or smaller:

2 packets of nail polish remover
eye drops
saline solution for contacts
SPF 30 for face
SPF 60 for body (it takes a lot of work to stay this white while living in Brazil!)
hydrocortisone cream
a Tide pen for the inevitable spill
two kinds of mascara
2 lip glosses
hair spray
hair gel
face wash
hand lotion
silicon cream for hair

I'll be back in a few days, and hopefully in possession of a new camera to replace the stolen one that has surely been sold by now from some dark alley in the bowels of Jacarezinho. And if my mother remembered the charger and memory card, I'll be posting pictures here of the wedding, of the gigantic Haitian basketball stars who are now a permanent part of our family...and my sister, of course, who, despite the Haitian summer, will be radiant.

p.s. Anyone know of friends in Miami who would like to hang out with me on Monday? Maybe take me out for some cheddar cheese, raspberries, blueberries and Mexican food? A Target run? I'll be spending a good 10 hour layover in the Miami airport, and being that close to American culture and goodies is driving me a bit mad...


amanda said...

wow that is a long list of liquids. i want to see a photo of all that stuffed into a bag.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, Have fun in Haiti. We are looking foward to seeing them in two weeks. Can you send me via e-mail or facebook your mailing address. I finally have pictures for Isabella.Grammy

Ellen said...

I thought I was Number 3 and Anna was number 2?

Anonymous said...

sister number 3 because she´s sibling number 3...sorry for the confusion! -jenna

heavensent said...

Jenna! I love your Blog! I hope you get some sort of notification that you see I wrote something. But this was the day that Olivia was Born...Makes me smile that you wrote on this day. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. :)

heavensent said...

Oh and it's Heather from The Place :)