Monday, November 09, 2009

Dallas Days

Girl's Night Out tonight...involved lots of wandering the halls of a mall that ranged from Betsey Johnson (looks like a dress-up box exploded, all crinoline and satin and itsty-bitsy minis with sparkle and 1980's infused colors) and Gucci, Armani and other Old Navy with its eerie mannequins (even the dog mannequins were decked out in sweaters). We got lost in Banana Republic's huge collection of costume jewelery and I got inspired (golden fish scales, nautical knots, suede and chains, massive bib necklaces)...while at the Gap I was confused by an embroidery thread bracelet with two buttons that cost nearly $13. Unless it was a creation painstakingly made by starving artists in some remote Columbian village who are able to earn a living through their handcrafts instead of turning to the cocaine trade, I really don't see how anyone could justify paying that much money for a knotted piece of thread. But maybe I'm missing something there. Point being, I got lots of ideas for my Etsy shop. Which will be arriving sometime in late November, early December, just in time for Christmas.

Also, I said I wasn't going to buy anything, just hang out with the girls and eat overpriced salads and yummy desserts. Well, I have no willpower. Not when the store in question has just-my-size shoes for $5.99. Seriously? Can I resist that? So I ended up buying two pairs of clearance shoes and now am trying to decide how to fit these little beasties into my much-too-small carryon. Four inch heels were not the BEST idea, perhaps.

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anne said...

more shoes!!! hooray!! wear extra clothes on the plane, to make room!