Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NaNoWriMo Report

I'm at about 23,000 words right now, definitely behind schedule but learning how creative writing really can fit into my day. Albeit in small, paragraph sized chunks most of the time. I've hit that place in my story where you smack into a brick wall like some character in a cartoon. It's the doldrums, the Sahara, the dreaded MIDDLE. Quite frankly, it sucks. My characters bore me beyond belief; they seem feeble and nitpicky and prone to saying variations of the same thing for pages and pages. I think I'm going to introduce someone to break her heart, just for a little distraction. Or maybe we'll have a sudden catatstrophe, turn it into an end-of-the world novel before its time. Argh.

It is so much more fun to START things. Finishing is tedious.

Also, it is almost Thanksgiving, for which I give humble thanks. I've spent all my last Thanksgivings in Brazil, where everything is a chore for the meal, from finding the turkey (multiple, city-wide searches for the elusive frozen bird), to begging smuggled cans of canned mushroom soup, those crunchy onions, or cranberry sauce from our unsuspecting overseas visitors. It will be kind of fun to only be responsible for a nice little pie and some cleanup...though I will sorely miss Rich and Ben's inimitable rendition of the first Thanksgiving. Ah, good times. I'm thinking that an Amarula Walnut Pie might be in order?

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