Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bah Humbug

Working at a library has its ups and downs. The downer today was listening to a woman repeatedly belittle her son's eagerness to check out several books, adamantly putting down each of his choices with a disgusted curl of her lip: "Oh, you can't read that. You're only in fifth grade. It's too BIG for you..." I got the impression that anything with two-syllable words wouldn't have passed muster. So, maybe smoke came out of my ears and nostrils? They disappeared. I almost wanted to tell the kid to come back without his mother and we'd find him something to read...but that wouldn't have been very ethical, I suppose. Maybe there are educational sins worse than illiteracy. Now I'll have a face to put to the demons of imposed ignorance.

On a better note, I had three blond pixies sitting in my lap while we read books this morning to a soundtrack of Christmas music. AND I leave for Brazil tomorrow. So what if the weather forecast is for a week of rain? It'll still be a week full of love, Pad Thai and cupuaƧu juice. Suits me just fine!

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