Thursday, February 11, 2010

It was just a walk on the beach...

There are some days that you know will be burned into your memory for all time. The way your footprints marred the wet sand, the white and yellow crab scuttling sideways across the beach, the unfamiliar constellations in the sky. The way he held your hand. The catch in his voice as he pauses, asks a question that takes your breath away, the way you answer before you even process his words. This is a yes beyond all yeses, an overwhelming urge to scream and dance spirals in the sand, a joy that bubbles up and spills out in happy thanksgivings to a God you both love.

It's kind of ironic, that sometimes the biggest decisions are the easiest. The first week back from overseas, I would spend a full half hour lost in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, unable to choose, or break down in tears at the impossibility of figuring out what conditioner to take before just grabbing one off the shelf and running for the checkout line. We agonize for weeks over big purchases, comparing and contrasting different makes, models, specs. And yet I made the biggest decision of my life when I was five or six without a lot of conscious thought. One day I realized that the God I adored was more passionate about me than I could ever be about him and my life would be missing something impossibly wonderful without that relationship. It was the easiest biggest decision I ever made. Saying "yes" to my dear boyfriend falls into the same category of big, wonderful, uncomplicated. God spun a magical web of coincidences and international twists and turns to bring us together. These last few months have been as though God's grinning at us and bouncing around like a kid who's just given his best friend a gift and can't wait to see it opened. "Ooooh, you're going to love're not going to believe this..."

And I do. Love it and believe it.

Spend the rest of my life with the man I love? Without reservations, forever and forever, YES.



stefanie said...


Catherine Denton said...

Okay, sweetest post of the day! Congratulations. So happy for you. And just in time for Valentine's day! Btw, I left some sugar for you on my blog.

anne said...

you made me weep, again. Is it the topic? The writing style? You?
yes, probably.

congrats on all of it, not just the ring.

Ali la Loca said...

I love it, Jenna!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to be able to attend a wedding of one of my granddaughters. Three are married (or about to be) and I haven't been able to attend any of them.Can't wait to meet Vaughn. I understand his last name is Smith. How perfectly charming is that! The Smith I married just celebrated 54 years together. THAT is really charming. I'm so blest. Love, Grammy

Elena B. said...

Congratulations! I'm not sure I've commented before, but I've been lurking, and firgured this is as good a time as any to finally leave some comment love!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Andy says Congratulations :)

I'm glad you found yourself a man worthy of your talents!

Tell Mr. Smith he's got quite a catch - I'm going to ask him what his intentions are!

Cuidate y Dios bendiga.