Monday, July 12, 2010

Attaining Goals

My self-imposed deadline has arrived, and now I have to stop pretending I'm on vacation. It's time to get into the business of being creatively productive.

Here are some ways I plan on making writing from home work for me:

1. Sneaky motivations.
Today, after writing an article on sheep ticks, I made "Write or Die" my homepage, so that every time I load up Firefox, I will hopefully be guilted into doing just five or ten minutes of creative writing instead of checking Facebook for the umpteenth time.
2. Short blocks of time.
I'm going to start setting the microwave timer for 34 minute segments of time; enough to write an article, a poem, or read a couple chapters of Don Quixote or Annie Dillard (inspiration, NOT procrastination!)
3. Get dressed.
I really don't work so well when I'm wearing comfy clothes, dirty glasses and my hair's tossed up in a ratty ponytail. There's something about looking professional that also helps me to act professional. So I'll be getting up in the morning and pretending like I'm actually going "out" to work: heels, makeup, jewelry. Sounds silly, but it's always worked for me.
4. Bribes
If I meet my weekly goals, I get treats. Like a visit to Kurt's, the luxe pastry shop my tastebuds are very curious about. Or I can spend Fridays in a coffee shop, people watching, or even lounge on the beach one afternoon. Things like that...

What do you do to motivate yourself?


Эми said...

I used to bribe myself when I was in college. Like if I did homework in the morning, I could go to Tree of Life later.

I think getting dressed is good idea too. You really do work better when you're in the mindset that, yes life has started and now it's time to work not sleep.

anne said...

I agree about the getting up and getting dressed, etc thing. Besides, then when you spontaneously decide to go for a stroll for inspiration, you're already ready! (or your man comes home unexpectedly, to take you to lunch!)****
I think you've got the right idea, w/the short bits. You don't have to block out an entire afternoon, BUT you might get really going and USE an entire afternoon, if it's all flowing. But if not, you've accomplished something!
**** Can't imagine you looking anything less than fabulous, regardless of how you might be dressed!

anne said...

Oh, and I like the new photo(s)/design of the page. 'Knickknacks' is a bit hard to "read", but that could just be my eyes!