Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A lament

I really shouldn’t torment myself by reading the comments at the bottom of articles. My personal feelings on this article’s content aside, I was reduced to a sick sense of dread as I scrolled down to the end of the article. I just had to know…what does the rabble have to say? I wish I could respect the commentators more, but there’s simply nothing to respect. No facts, no logic, no thought--creative or otherwise--unless it’s to sink deeper into bigotry.

Is it possible that people actually believe that there is one Muslim nation that “they” can all go back to? How can these same posters assume that it’s categorically impossible to be a French citizen AND Muslim at the same time?

Also, their butchery of the English language leaves me once again wondering whether I should ever, ever, ever allow my unborn children to be educated by the same system that produced such founts of vapidity and ignorance. It’s just appalling.


anne said...

words fail. have tried to express, but can't get it right. How incredibly stupid. Yeh, let's hold onto that nationalist world view, so that calamity can (again) ensue...and of course, only my religion is right. Obviously.

one prays that we aren't all punished for the stupidity of a few.

Ellen said...

So France is focusing on making innocent, peaceful citizens criminals by being modest according to their religion? Wow. Nice use of time and energy.