Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funniest thing, weirdest thing.


Man riding bicycle. Child running after him carrying VERY LARGE bicycle box, nearly dragging on the ground. Assumption: child will eventually learn to ride the bike, meanwhile, Dad will teach him how to get his heart rate up the old-fashioned way!


Walking down the sidewalk, I saw a kid with a backpack who looked sketchy. Not sure what it is, but crime/streets/drugs always seem to put a particular stamp on people. I recognized that look but was just passing two men at an apartment building, so didn't really worry. As I walked past, I swear, one of the guys shouted "Boo." IN MY EAR. I felt his breath. Good thing I'm trained NOT to do the gringo flinch...glad I didn't give him any satisfaction if indeed he was trying to freak me out. People can be such creepers.

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