Monday, March 14, 2011

Post-Carnaval Blogging Resumes

Mr. Bugigangas and I were oh-so radical this Carnaval. We broke all the rules, shirked tradition and probably shocked the doormen...okay, maybe not that last one. I don't think our doormen care very much about our comings and goings. As it was, our Carnaval had very few comings and goings because we made it a sleep-cation. A staycation. A homecooked-meal-and-a-movie marathonation. There might have been a visit to a bloco or two, but the urine rivers in the streets and the dreary weather just made sitting on the couch at home a much more pleasing prospect.

I'm still kind of on the couch, but that's more from a strange stomach bug I caught the other night than from sheer laziness. Productivity is ensuing, as I dig around my financial life looking for information to give to our Brazilian tax people, type up edits for the poetry book, resume writing articles, character sketch and catch up on all the emails I've fallen behind on. So that's where I'll be today...

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Steve and Shannon Mersinger said...

glad to hear your Carnaval was so exciting ;) we pretty much sat around the whole time too because Carnaval is nothing here in Curitiba. Anyways, sorry to hear you're feeling crappy... hopefully you'll be back on your feet soon. Tchau.