Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Decade Jump

Turning 30 is fun. You get free live music, millions of people celebrating in the streets, wonderfully chilly weather for March and to top it off, a huge cache of loot lovingly picked out by dear hubby. And breakfast. And dishes washed. And that might make someone feel inclined to make nibbles for these HOMEMADE OREO COOKIES. Someone stop me. I am smitten!

On the gift list this year (i.e. presents that I had to wait for):

A tiny metal spatula which was promptly put to very good use and a citrus grater/peeler which will be used ad infinitum.

One gargantuan mortar and pestle, which was mailed from the Midwest to Rio. Don't ask what the postage was. It looks like this...

...and is almost too heavy to pick up, so I plan on using it as a table decoration when it's not in use!

A green dip pen with a variety of nibs: French ones, British ones, something called a Judge's Quill...sealing wax...calligraphy books and parchment paper.

(Do my loved ones know me or what?????)

Grazie mille, obrigada, thank you thank you thank you!


anne said...

30 was great. I loved 30. 40 was awesome, I loved loved loved 40. 50 was the bestest yet, I absolutely LOVED turning 50. Seriously.

am now yrs from another "decade", but am sure that they will just get better and better.

Glad you are 30. Life begins at 30, I hear (and 40 and 50 and ....)

anne said...

printed out the oreo recipe for paula (she's an oreo nut) and am hoping she will make some :) :)