Saturday, March 05, 2011

Giveaway for Continental Airlines CC Holders

Attention all Chase Continental Airlines cardholder readers! I cancelled my card a few weeks ago (don't care for the annual fee) but just received my "one year" gift packet in the mail: 2 travel discount certificates ($25-$100 off depending of round-trip flight value) and 2 President's Club passes. No identifying numbers or anything on the cards that I can tell, so they should be valid for anyone with a card in good standing. First person to leave a request in the comment section of this blog post gets them! Please make sure there's a way for me to email you for your mailing address; sometimes not everyone's profiles are linked to a valid address.


FairLady said...

We would love them! Trying to take a trip to Boston in the fall.
Hope you're doing well and are loving married life!

Ellen said...

I am your SISTER! And ask your husband- Alberta is EVIL and I can't handle it anymore. I HAVE to get away for a little bit!

Ellen said...

PS I would have been on facebook/your blog sooner, but I was doing my Bible study time... so I would have been first.

--jenna said...

Sorry, sister. :( But you can still get away...or just curl up in a warm ball and hibernate until spring comes!