Friday, March 04, 2011

Hair Chop in Ipanema and Baby Brechó

Looking for a salon? I went to HBD for my birthday haircut, and was quite happy with...everything. The staff were super friendly and it looked like there was practically a juice bar at patron's disposal. It was clean, well lit, and I was even introduced to the owner of the salon before they took me upstairs to my stylist. I had Emilien cut my hair this time; word in the blogosphere is that Tatana is the person to visit. My hairdresser also spoke really highly of her and I may have to check her out six months from now when I'm due for a cut. If you pay with cash or check, you get a small discount. Pricey, but full of "mimos."

On my way home, I stopped by my regular brechó where I swooned over a pink/orange print Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Way too expensive for a second-hand shop. Boo. But I did walk out with a 50's styled shrug that is perfect for my birthday dress. Shades of Kate Spade, with a fun print and some shiny sparkles. But the point of this paragraph was not my consumption of other's old goods...but the fact that on the same floor is a used kids clothing store. A baby brechó. I didn't go in, but you moms might want to have a look.

Visconde de Pirajá 550, 3rd floor, right by the elevator.

On that note, I found this website with a list of brechós for kids. It might not be up to date, but it could be worth a look:


Catherine Denton said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect birthday! (Happy Birthday!)
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Ali la Loca said...

I get my hair cut at HBD, too. I go to Cesar - he's pretty 'falso' but can cut short hair like nobody's business.