Sunday, April 10, 2011

Five things I've been meaning to blog about...

One. An article I wrote was the featured story for the month in ExpatWomen's newsletter. If you're an expat and a woman, you should definitely check out their site. They have blogs, stories, inspiration and information...

Two. I joined Pinterest, which is a cool way to keep track of your visual interests. Think it's still invitation-only, but get on the waiting list anyhow. It didn't take me too long to get an invite...but beware. It's a definite time suck!

Three. My little sister's poem took top honorable mention at the Utmost Christian Writer's Poetry contest, so go check it out!

Four. On Friday, some street photographers stopped me on my way into the mall. If the photo ever posts online, I'll post a link for you all. I thought it was pretty humorous; being a daily reader of the Sartorialist, I'm obviously both vain and interested in fashion, but I wouldn't consider myself gutsy enough to actually wear something in public that would attract the fashion photogs. In retrospect, they were probably just after my lipstick. I'm in a big retro phase right now and have finally found a red lipstick that I don't feel makes me look goth or trashy. Very Mad Med. Loving it!

I could have had some fun with them had they asked what I was wearing. I love deals, and I don't feel the need to be buying the latest fad. So my outfit consisted of:
last year's shoes (badly beaten up by Rome's cobblestones)
a consignment store dress that has been well, well loved
consignment store and high-school jewlery
home-mixed nail polish to fake Chanel and a home polish job (squee!)
Nars Red Square lipstick mixed with Heat Wave
cheap sunglasses and a purse from TJMaxx

My polish was an attempt to approximate Chanel's Particulière, shown below:

I saw it on Keira in the Chanel perfume ad and loved the sort of putty, wet cement and grey-lilac-beigeness of the shade. But I will not pay R$90 for a bottle of nail polish. So I picked up Impala's Nude Clássico and mixed it with some Colorama Arranha-Céu (a graphite color) until I found a color that looked good on my skin. It probably doesn't stick as long as the Chanel, but that's okay. I like changing my polish colors throughout the week!

Five. A lifetime goal was realized last night. We saw U2 live in concert in São Paulo and it was wow. Worth waiting for another blog post, for sure, as I need to process my thoughts. But wow. Love Bono's voice, love the lyrics, love the way they are unashamedly political/activist/using their fame FOR something.


anne said...

fun, newsy post! Congrats on the writing gig that I hear came out of the expat thing :D
the nail polish thing -- would never have thought about "making a color" by mixing 2. Of course, been yrs since I painted my nails, but still..
Loved your photo, thought it was fun. Was struck by the first one (the girl w/super short hair) and you, the rest were...not memorable.

--jenna said...

I liked the nearly bald gal too...and mixing colors is actually quite fun. Painterly, even!

Writing gig not confirmed yet, but enjoying very much the writing life in general. Hubby has just finished the final layout of poetry book and I have a deadline to "turn in" the first 20,000 words AND an outline of my novel to him before we go on vacation. Gotta love being married to someone who knows how to set deadlines!

anne said...

or more actually, someone who knows how to set deadlines in such a way that you want to meet them, vs. fight against them.

anne said...

accurately. Accurately. NOT actually.
(proof reading pre-post is wiser, than not!