Sunday, August 21, 2011


It is Mr. Bugigangas' birthday today and so now I can reveal the grand culinary surprises he received. He specifically asked for a repeat of the first meal I made him...and then I decided to go all out and do a waffle breakfast. Yeast-risen Belgians, to be precise. Waffle-makers are difficult to come across here (and horribly designed--took me 25 minutes to clean the dang thing afterward) but worth it for the yumminess. I made a full batch recipe and have 3 or 4 breakfasts worth now stashed in the freezer.

Breakfast in bed was a bit of an ordeal, as the bed broke at the same time as I handed him the tray! V- insisted on sitting in the lopsided bed anyhow and gave a hug grin. "Does this mean...we have a wafflemaker?" Oh yes. I'm the kind of woman who buys her husband kitchen appliances for his birthday. And he likes it!

So, on to the good stuff...

(Photos courtesy me, Flickr user Haseo and the waffle recipe link)

Breakfast: Belgian Waffles with mangoes, strawberries and whipped cream

Lunch: Filet Mignon on the grill with herbed zucchini

Dinner: Homemade pizza in 2 varieties: Blue Diavola (hot pepperoni with blue cheese) and Muffaletta (salami with Italian pickled vegetables)

Desserts: Rocky Road Ice Cream and the Bestest Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipes are tagged to originals or lead to my recipe site if they've been significantly altered.

The grill is starting up, so I'm off to chop some zucchini!


Anonymous said...

PAM is the secret to never having to clean your waffle iron again. I'll bring some down with me. Love, Mom

--jenna said...

I used spray oil!!!! The problem was the design of the darn thing...when batter leaked out, it fell into the big crevice between the iron and the plastic lid...

anne said...

been there, done that, w/the waffle makers I have had in past -- the little one I have now is very easy to keep neat :D
the bed breaking was just good fun, huh? :)
Many happiest returns of the bday and enjoy the leftovers!