Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ads and the big V

My Blogger dashboard tried to tell me I was "popular" today, and that because of that popularity, I should "try AdSense!"

I have a feeling that the little popularity I have painstakingly accumulated over the five years or so of writing this blog would quickly unravel once strange ads started popping up all over the place.

Personally, I try to ignore advertising as much as possible. Good online advertising just slips into the background. Maybe it's silently informing my purchasing choices...but at least it isn't flashing, beeping, scrolling and generally getting into the way of my reading experience. Bad ads are beyond annoying.

Because AdSense relates the ads to content on the page, I'm also kind of worried/amused by the sort of ads that might pop up! On any given day, I could be talking about plastic surgery, drugs, baking, God, strange medical conditions and designer shoes. We could be inundated by some really, really strange ads.

As flattered as I was by the false vote of confidence (come on, Google! 51 followers makes me popular? In today's environment???), I think we'll be ad-free for a while longer.

In the meantime, while we're on the subject, did anyone see these Summer's Eve ads before they were pulled? Sheesh! Besides being condescending and insulting, they upped the offensiveness factor by creating three separate, racially stereotypical ads. Just in case there were any women out there who hadn't gotten the message that while they were in possession of the most powerful thing on earth, it needed major taming. Yes, that is QUITE empowering. Even I was kind of offended and it's hard to offend me! It's a bit horrifying that vajazzling a) exists and b) is apparently a "white" thing? Can't glitter and sequins be multiracial?

Oh. Dear. Stop. Now.

On that fine note, have a nice day!

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anne said...

completely bizarre ads....
and thank you for being ad-free! it is hard to imagine what they'd stick you w/ --- could be rather....odd!
meanwhile, keep writing, we love reading your stuff, and it makes you less far away~!