Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY Book Clutch: Manon Lescaut

So, it's no big surprise that I have been lusting after Kate Spade's book clutches. And if they weren't US$300 plus, I might have splurged. But that is just too darn expensive for something soooo small. And that could get accidentally forgotten, you know, because you thought it was a book instead of your purse.

So on our journey to Centro today, we went to Berinjela. I recommend--good quality used bookstore. And I found this orange beauty...which became my evening's craft project. Now I have a purse! I should have taken pictures of the process but it was:
a) messy
b) totally unorganized.

Anyone with a little forethought (and access to a sewing machine) will probably do a better job. :)

Still, it was fairly easy. I cannibalized an old Target wallet for the framing supplies, used sticky ribbon for the lining and tape binding (because I was too lazy to glue things down) and fabric from one of V's old shirts for the sides. My teeny hot glue gun and E6000 also made an appearance. I don't think our ventilation is as good as I thought it was, cause I can still smell the latter!

I was super lucky that my frame was pretty much the exact size of the book; I was contemplating using a zipper, which would have been MUCH more work. Also, don't be stupid and glue the frame backwards. (Or if you do, catch it before the glue dries, like I did!)

Finished photos:

Big enough for a wallet, a phone, some chapstick. Whaddya think? Would you cannibalize an otherwise perfectly good book for this purpose?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it !! If someone wanted to make me one for Christmas ... my favorite color is dark blue or green. - Mom

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest thing I've see turned into a purse! Hmmm... now I'm wondering if I can get the supplies to make one myself while I'm here. Want!

Jenny C said...

Wow Jenna! I envy your craft skills - I am so no dextrous. The purse is gorgeous : )

--jenna said...

Thanks, ladies!
I had all the supplies I needed lying about the house...but in retrospect, I wish I'd made a zippered pouch instead. My current cellphone doesn't fit, as the book closes smaller at the top than at the bottom. Next time I will fix this...

anne said...

this is cool! And frequently, a book is worn and tired, but the binding (most important here) is still good -- very clever use, beats throwing it into a dumpster --- and SO CUTE, your purse!

Sirley said...

Hey it looks amazing :D I recently finished my own version of the book clutch :D

Alcione Muterle Pazzeto said...

I did!