Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Little Miss Jerry Rig

So we hit new heights of hick-ish-ness today.

The bed broke this morning. Again.

Stop thinking that. This is a family friendly blog, well...most of the time.

At least the breaking happened after the alarm went off, and not in the middle of the night. Still, it seems that the low quality particleboard used to support the mattress frame was NOT strong enough to handle two full-sized adults.

(I should have taken pictures again, but I forgot until the bed was already assembled. Should the left side go out, I will remember and post them...the furniture construction is just a.w.f.u.l.)

So I promised my husband we'd go to plan B.

He suggested the handyman, but I didn't want to pay for a new piece of wood plus the guy's's the PRINCIPLE of the thing.

So, I give you...the jerry built option! We're going for the negative connotation here, because this is my permanent solution (at least until we move out and glue the darn strip back in place so the landlord may enjoy the sweet feeling of waking up at a shocking and unexpected angle).

Please notice the care I have put into this:

The floor is protected by both magazines (to even out the height, too) and towels. But just in case, I also wrapped the blocks in plastic. Now all we need is a bedskirt. I'd like to hide it from the maid as long as possible...because there's no need to add to the stories she gets to tell to the folks at home.

Total cost? R$10.

Ability to sleep at night knowing that you won't wake up on the floor? Priceless.


Anonymous said...

What size bedskirt? I'm off to the Worthington sale on Fri, and I can add your requests to the list. Any color preference? Love, Mom

Mary said...

As soon as you put a broken washing machine in your front yard, I'm disowning you.
Your newest reader (from today!)

anne said...

I'm telling you, mattress on the floor is best for your back anyway........