Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That's one expensive omelet!

I asked the hubby to grab some eggs on the way home from work tonight, as I was stuck at home all day with arthritis malaise and assisting the handyman. Imagine my shock when I pulled them out of the bag and out fluttered a receipt for R$75!!!

That's R$7.50 PER EGG. (Because a dozen barely exists at the supermarket anymore. And they say there is no inflation...)

Of course, then I looked more closely. There were two items on the actual, itemized receipt.

Tequila. For Mexican night. Phew.

Still, anyone else notice that the grocery bills go up when the men go to the store? Not that I'm complaining, as he frequently comes home with nice things that I usually talk myself out of buying, but it is kind of funny!


anne said...

you ain't just whistlin' dixie on that higher-bills-man-thing! is inevitable. As you say, you spend time talking yourself out of buying something and then here they come, w/some other thing, price no object.:D And yeh, as long as it's not the rent money, it kind of works!

Messymarsy said...

Yes, the prices are going up. I am trying to watch the sales more closely.We also go to Barra once in awhile to get their specials.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jenna, It is more costly to send a man to the store, and on the way home from work even more so. Never shop on an empty stomach. That rule applies to both men and women.Grandpa goes to the store to get milk, and comes home with the bargains from the bakery. He is diabetic, so it is even worse.The few times he has had to do the regular shopping, he took hours and had about twice as much as what was on the list.The list had to be in the order you walked through the store. But, He is still Bobbie blue-eyes, and I love him dearly.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, but it's worth the peace and quiet while they're gone!

Plein Design said...

So True! Never fails, a man goes to a store, one thing on the list. One of two hours later he walks back through that door with two or three bags of things.