Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Two Major Barra Developments

Olegário Maciel is going to be home to...

Casas Pedro!

They've put signs up but the store itself isn't ready. This is huge, wonderful news for Barra people. If you've ever wondered where to buy spices, bulk flour, nuts, and stranger things like orange flower water, tahini or cream of tartar, Casas Pedro is your place. Most of their stores are in Centro, Tijuca and Copacabana, which makes it hard to lug kilos and kilos of things back home...and almost every store has a great counter selling Middle Eastern sweets and snacks, as well as fairly fresh pita bread. Yum! Now I don't have to a) throw my back out hauling it all home on the subway or b) go round and round with the phone attendant trying to make a large enough minimum order that they'll deliver to my house.

In other food shopping news, look at what I found at the Pão de Açucar the other day:

Creamy AND crunchy! No high fructose corn syrup! Only R$12.29 for a normal sized jar!!!!!!!!!!! This will free up lots of space in my luggage come Christmas. Who knows how long it will last, though, as the grapefruit juice I loved is now conspicuously absent from the store's shelves. I guess I bought too much and they decided to stop carrying it.

Still, peanut butter and fresh pita bread? Barra just gets better and better.


anne said...

ah the simple joys - Food!

was glad when they took the high fruc. syrup out of the Peter Pan. Good call!

Anonymous said...

the pb development ranks in the "best news i've heard in a year" category! yay! -- jean

Clare said...

There is a Casa Pedra in Barra Square - not that big mind, but it is there.

About the peanut butter - they have had it on and off in Pao de Acucar for a while. Sometimes in the nut section rather than the shelves. If it is anything like the cereal I like there, they buy a batch and then when it sells out they order the next batch, which takes a while to arrive.........so whenever see this sort of thing I buy three!