Wednesday, October 05, 2011's ready!

Hubby's been working overtime to put together a website for me, a nice place where all my assorted web presences can coalesce into one convenient address. Before, when someone wanted my info, I had to scribble down the blog location, Figment name, Twitter handle and so forth on whatever paper was handy. Not very professional. Now, I have snazzy new business cards and a single web home that just feels so very ME.

It's a big step in other ways, as it means that I'm stepping away from the anonymity I've tried to cultivate (at least a little) on the blog and Figment. While a lot of my readers are personally acquainted with me, more and more names pop up every month on my followers list that I don't recognize. Now you're going to be able to *gasp* Google me!

The blog will be receiving a face lift in the coming weeks (as will the website as we work out kinks), but the address won't change. You can access my blog through the website or just the way you're doing now.

On the website, you'll find links to some online writings (fiction and poetry), how to buy my book and some goofy critters. If you want to email me privately, the contact page will let you send all the love or hate mail you desire. I'll periodically update the writings available on the website, adding in new work as it's polished up and edited, so there will be a reason to come back from time to time.

Go have a look, tell me what you think! Please let us know if there are any broken links or other bugs, so we can fix them before they breed...

Visit my new site!

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anne said...

so, I believe I posted on here yesterday, but is gone... just saying that it looks great, reads great, etc!