Monday, May 21, 2012

Checking In

While there was a lot in the internets to catch my attention this week, the death vigil for the Elephant Whisperer is perhaps the most touching. My husband and I were both moved by the mental image of a train of elephants making the trek to mourn their strangely-nosed friend.

Learning to be a mother has pretty much consumed my life for the past three weeks. We eat, sleep, get the basic chores done and not a whole lot else. My iPod Touch is a breastfeeding mom's lifesaver. We listen to music. I read books and websites while G feeds and try not to laugh uproariously and shake him off the breast (I just discovered the Bloggess!). And I just downloaded a voice recorder app that I've been using to record story ideas, blog post rants and other things that I don't want to forget but can't type fast enough with one hand. It's easier to take dictation after the fact...

At the moment, though, G is sleeping in the crook of my bent leg. We're sprawled out on my desk, a.k.a. the queen-size bed, propped up with pillows. Bills, books, business cards and diapers are scattered about. It's a rare moment affording me the luxury of two-handed typing, so I'm quickly catching up on my correspondence and blogging.

I say quickly, because what I really must do is nap. G is a dream child, not a screamer, but he does have bad nights. Last night, all he wanted to do was sleep with us; every time I put him down, he began grumbling, whining, chittering. So I didn't sleep so well and am planning on making it up this afternoon. Who knew motherhood would come with so many opportunities for daytime snoozing?

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anne said...

Being one of those rogue parents, I often just slept w/my small one of the moment. I know there is a huge bunch of "pro" and "con" out there. (my take, if you aren't stoned/drunk/an extremely large person, there is little danger to a family bed.)
Glad you are settling in so well! the recording app is awesome! Wish I'd had one when I used to tell them stories -- could never recapture them afterwards!