Thursday, March 25, 2010

Squeamish? You might want to stay away from this one.

In September, I returned from Brazil with 4 bags, a heavy heart for leaving V- for such a long time, a couple of worries about what I'd do with my life...and a secret friend. A "gift" if you would, picked up after eating salad that must not have been washed very well.

And we kind of lived together in a symbiotic relationship. I was going to go the doctor, at first, but it seemed to clear up after a few weeks and I hate sounding like a hypochondriac at the doctor's office. So I sort of ignored it, blamed the switchover from Brazilian food to Mom's organic offerings as having something to do with my upset stomach. And then I started noticing something. I practically jumped out of bed in the mornings. My shoes were never too tight. I could type and wiggle my fingers all day and I never had swollen patches or flares or aches. In short, I FELT HEALTHY! Well, except for the occasional emergency bathroom run.

And I just kept feeling healthy. Like I almost never had had arthritis. If the Brazilian whatever that I'd picked up in September was somehow flipping out my immune system so it stopped attacking my joints, I was perfectly okay with carrying room spray in my purse and being intimately acquainted with all the bathrooms around town. But then I had to go and get a sinus infection...and I decided to go to the doc...and she gave me an antibiotic more suited to Mr. Parasite than Mr. Sinus. Confident that they'd identify the little bugger, I took the pills and waited on lab results.


Now, I'm still sniffling. They claim I had no parasites, bacterias or amoebas floating about...but a week and a half after I finish the antibiotics, my elbows begin to swell.

This cannot be coincidence. It's been SEVEN months of blissful, pain-free existence. Does anyone have some unwashed lettuce they'd like to let me try?


Anonymous said...

Try eating some live culture yogert. I will restore the good bacteria in your system. Grammy

Anonymous said...

Try some live culture yogert. It will restore the good bacteria your system needs. Grammy