Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wedding Stuff

Back in February, when we were talking about wedding venues, we decided to go the all-inclusive route. And that's been a decision that I'm really happy about, as I flip through bridal magazines and books and realize what a monumental task some people take on when planning the "best day of their lives." I love all the little details and personalized touches...but with my organization, it would never fly. deciding to pass off most of the planning to someone else, I missed something. Namely, that there are still TWO MONTHS TO GO before the wedding, and distractions are desperately needed. So there's a bit more DIY-ing happening than maybe originally intended.

Some of the projects I've been working on:

Birdcage veil. I have a deep love for offbeat and vintage couture. There was no question that if I wore a veil, it would be birdcage. But the cost of the veils I liked was so outrageous for what I judged to be nothing more than a little string and Russian netting on a comb, that I planned to make my own. Let me tell you. This is SO MUCH HARDER than you think it is! If my hours spent fighting with the poufy material were added up, I've exceeded (by a lot) even the priciest veils on my wish list. Of course, it's come down to a pride thing, and this veil WILL bow to my wishes. This week's attempt is the closest we've come to acceptable...I haven't yet decided if we should try to improve on it.

Bridal Jewelry. Because there's a huge supply of loose gemstone beads in my bedroom awaiting transformation into something wearable, I have a really hard time buying jewelry. I'd much rather just make my own. A friend took me to a bead store for my birthday, and I picked out these fantastic champagne colored pearls that are a perfect match for my dress. (Not to mention they'll be something to wear for the rest of my life!) I made a pair of simple drop earrings that pull together some of my great-grandmother's beads too. I don't remember much about "Banny" as we called her, but in pictures, she's always immaculately dressed, with lipstick and what might very well be a wig. It's fun to still have a connection with her as I sift through my bead box.

The rest of the champagne beauties were used up in a simple single-strand necklace of knotted pearls. My first stringing attempt was okay, but I'm confident I can do a better job of knotting between the pearls. I may go back to buy a few more; the strand feels just a few millimeters too short. Maybe that can be fixed with a larger clasp, though. I haven't decided! But my current project is to look for a gold-fill or plated clasp with an interesting design to close the necklace. Maybe a weekend of trolling antique stores is in order???

I need to post pictures of the jewelry but I've been at the library all week. When I get some time off, I'll post some things and do a bit more serious writing. Enjoy the spring sunshine, friends!

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Anonymous said...

You were so right about Banny. She was always so correctly put together. It was a wig. She had very thin hair and by the time your Mother came along, she always wore a wig in public. One day Laurie was about 2 we stopped in unannounced. Banny answered the door without her wig. Laurie said"I didn't know if you were my Banny or not". After that I never saw her without it. She was a very "proper lady." She made some lovely jewelry, of which i still wear a number of her pieces. Grammy