Monday, January 10, 2011

Art Day

Because it's hot and I'm not allowed to get sun for 3 days (so as not to screw up the TB test that I know is going to be negative--I don't mind doing these extra exams when insurance pays, but I did one after my missionary/social worker phase and then returned to the States. I doubt very much that I'd have a higher chance of being exposed there than when I worked with druggies, but my new rheumatologist wants to cover all bases...)


While sorting and organizing my magazine scraps (jewelry ideas, fashion ideas, house decor inspiration and visual/color references for characters and poems), I decided to do a few collages and put them to good use. I had two small frames which were part of a wedding gift from a friend in Italy and I just couldn't see when I'd ever have a 6x6 cm photo. But a tiny collage? That could be done over lunch! Voila, tiny bits of art for some forgotten corner of the apartment:

Stuff I used:
glue stick
salvaged vellum
old Vogue magazines and assorted catalogs
ancient library circulation cards (from discarded books...yay for working in a library!)
ripped music manuscripts

Now I have a big mess to clean up before hubby comes home early. This is the un-fun part of not having a dedicated messy "art" room. Someday, someday...

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anne said...

these are very cool! Love the colors, and the small-ness of them.