Monday, January 10, 2011


It seems January is the sale month for housewares and furniture. Tok & Stok are having big sales, as are numerous stores around the city. I picked up a Casa Claudia magazine today which had a four-page list of Rio stores on sale. Some of the highlights:

Fernando Jaeger (R. Corcovado 252 (2274-6026) has sofas and chairs on sale for what appear to be reasonable prices.

Several lojas in Casa Shopping are having impressive sales (50% off at some): Stilo Ásia, Trançarte, Líder Interiores and Velha Bahia, for starters.

Etna, in Barra, is having up to 70% off sales, and Regatta, in Rio Design Leblon, has up to 80% off on fabrics. I'm thinking of stocking up on a few meters to make pillows. That is, if I can find someone with a sewing machine who is willing to share not only the machine but a few pointers. My 4-H sewing days are LONG past...


Anonymous said...

And I just picked up your repair sewing machine... it was the cord that shorted out. Next time you are home, you can take it back with you. Until then, I'm going to use it, because my foot pedal is on the decline. - Mom

Princesschoti said...

hey Im happy to share my machine with actually popping out today in search of fabric! For a bench cover & maybe a couple of cushion covers too, I remember my mom making cushion covers so I guess Im going to depend on memory to make mine. ;-)