Thursday, January 13, 2011


I guess I should have clarified. The jewelry in this post is just for show and tell. Sorry, ladies! I have some standards when it comes to copying...usually, I make things for myself, figure out techniques that work, and then reinvent them in original designs. If it's a direct copy, I never sell it. And while the earrings are not copies, I only have one more pair of drop earring frames in that style, and they're in sterling my dear mother and grandmother will have to decide who wins this one! (I'll look and see if they make anything similar in gold, but as I don't solder, I have no way to make these. Sorry.)

This is the downside of not producing in quantity!

On a side note, I recently heard from a friend that Vogue US delivers in a timely fashion to Brazil. (Birthday hint!) I could almost stop pining for American libraries if I had a steady stream of English language magazines to cut up and drool over...almost. But as our home is fast approaching library status anyhow, I've been thinking that I may need to start cataloging the books. Any suggestions?

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anne said...

perhaps your mum and gram could share the earrings.....