Friday, January 14, 2011


While I'm waiting for an apartment with a patio/veranda (and if any readers here know of anyplace within a mortal's budget in Ipanema/Leblon that fulfills that requirement, PLEASE let me know!)...I have decided to take the plunge from black thumb to green windows.

We might not have the loveliest view, but we certainly get our share of afternoon sun and those three windowsills in the living room need to be put to good use. I'm thinking mint, melissa (not sure the name of this plant in English), basil, oregano, peppers for sure, perhaps tiny tomatoes and some kind of salad-y plant. I've heard that urban gardeners have had luck with radishes and carrots in container gardens as well. Any hints, tips, addresses for where to shop for seeds or plants in Rio will be greatly appreciated!


Catherine Denton said...

Hmmm, I have a black thumb so I have nothing to offer. But good luck!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jenna! I heard of you thru a mutual friend here. Back when I had a varanda that received partial sun, I had great success with herbs and flowers, all of which I started from seed. I think I ended up with something like cilantro, mint, oregano, marjoram, sage and 4 varieties of Basil, they all survived for a very long time. I did try tomatoes, I had two different plants that I started from seed and they grew to be very big, but just green and big, no fruit. I think the lack of bees up where we lived had something to do with it. Anyhow, no success with tomataos. I also brought in some flower seeds (which I didn't realize at the time was illegal) but nonetheless, had gorgeous electric purple lobelia for a time here too. Now that I am without a varanda, I buy the herb plants at Hortifruti (for R$3.00 each or something) for basil, peppers and mint that I know will live for at least a month without transplanting. If you want to buy some planters nearby, Cobol Leblon has (or at least had) a place in the middle/back which had organic potting soil and plastic planters of various shapes and sizes. Good luck!

--jenna said...

Cobal...I always forget about that! I'll have to check it out this week. Great tip, thanks, Stephanie!

Catherine...I firmly believe we can change the color of our thumbs. At least temporarily. That is, if I can remember to water the poor things!